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Boys Tumbling

A lot of people think of gymnastics as primarily as a sport for girls.  However, there are many advantages of this type of training for boys that can be translated into other sports and other areas of your son's life.  So if your son is interested, by all means, encourage it!!!

Class Details

The tumbling classes are for ages 6-17 and will incorporate strength training, agility, speed, flexibility, and gymnastics skills on the floor.  They will also use the Air Trak and Tumble Trak to train tumbling skills.  Each class has specific requirements.  Once the student masters the requirements, the instructor recommends them for the next level.

Physical Benefits

One of the best benefits of our tumbling classes is that it improves core strength.  No amount of weight training or protein powder can do for your muscles what our classes provide.  The coordination and control over ones body is also a benefit of this type of training.  These skills can be used to enhance performance in other sports, such as, wrestling, baseball, football, basketball, & more.