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Girls Tumbling

Girls Tumbling is for ages 5-17.  We have a kinder tumbling for 5 & 6 year old's and beginner, intermediate, & advanced for girls 7-17.  Each level has specific requirements.  Once the student masters the requirements, the instructor recommends them to the next level.  The classes incorporate floor tumbling skills with a concentration on a back handspring, strength, conditioning, and flexibility. 


The strength, conditioning, and flexibility aspect of the class will help your child's overall fitness as well as help them master the tumbling skills faster and with correct technique.  The tumbling skills develop body control, agility, and coordination.  These skills are fun and  a great addition to a dancer's and cheerleader's training.  Training in a group setting is also very beneficial for your child's social skills and behavior.  Learning respect for instructors and fellow students while setting goals and using dedication to accomplish them will help build your child's confidence and ability to succeed in all aspects of life.