7995 Stage Hills Blvd, BartlettTN 38133, USA

Recreational Girls Gymnastics

Our girls gymnastics classes are 55 minutes and for ages 5-12 and incorporate gymnastics skills, flexibility, agility, and conditioning but more important developmental areas that will help your child be a better student and young adult.

Each level has a specific skill list.  Once the entire skill list is mastered, the child will be referred to the next level.  Skill lists include strength, flexibility, & behavior skills. 

Self Confidence and Work Ethic

Working hard to master skills improves self confidence.  The time and dedication required to improve skills helps children establish a good work ethic which will help them understand that accomplishment takes effort.  These skills are vital for a successful child and adulthood.

Strength & Flexibility

During our gymnastics classes the girls will do strength exercises that will work their whole body.  They will gain strength and flexibility that will translate into any sport they decide to pursue.