7995 Stage Hills Blvd, BartlettTN 38133, USA

Our Mission

Character Building Through Experiences

We acknowledge that our staff will have an influential effect on your child's life.  We are not only coaches, but teachers and role models as well.  You child will learn just as much about character as they will about athletic performance.  In order to achieve this we have implemented the 4 P's.


We prayerfully teach family and non-denominational Christian values through life experiences.  The children are read and explained a bible verse.  Devotionals are a part of some additional programs.


All of our coaches are trained to exemplify patience.  Your child will be treated with fairness and compassion.  Coaches who treat their students in a caring way, are in turn teaching the students to be caring people.


We create a positive environment that builds self esteem and positive self image.  We are able to break our groups into like-minded and similar abilities in order to set attainable goals for each student.  This positive environment is imperative in helping our students to become the best they can be.


With our large facility and equipment, we are able to keep our students moving and productive.  We no only develop gymnastics skills, but we also keep a good balance between training, character building, and fun.  The balance is vital to the productivity of our students.  Lastly, we hope to teach our students respect for one another and the discipline needed to succeed in order to help them become responsible and productive citizens.